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Betsey, I am not a younger person, and I used to be fairly techie 10 years ago. As I aged, I gave up on alot of the techie stuff. I am wondering why I even pay $40.00 a month for a cell phone that we barely use. My family likes us to have it when we travel, and it really does come in handy when going to MA or CT to visit our families. They can check us on the road, or if we are at Foxwoods for overnights, they call or text to tell us to come over or they will be over. For that reason, I like texting. I use the text feature more than the voice call!

As far as my having a smart phone, I don't need one. My IPAD does all the smart phone does. It is just bigger and I can't make calls on it, but I do not need to. So I am with you on this part about as you get older, you do not need all of the new gadgets.

I am sure if you had a smart phone, you would love it and your grandchildren would have you an expert in no time. The part I wouldn't like would be the getting the $40.00 to your family for the line.

So there I stuck my big nose in and now have to get back to cleaning up Christmas.

Vi loves her Trac Phone or Net One...not sure what it is.

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