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The above is my huge post that disappeared when I tried to post it......suffice to say, I am not repeating it all........

I commented on everything...and am not going there again.

Get Audie to get the photo.......some day someone will care. Although no one asks me either Tish, so I am thinking this whole photo thing is just not important to why am I making all these scrapbooks. I think from now on, I will just make the pages I want to make, keep a book going of "Family" and that's it. I am doing a lot of work, sending out four 35 page scrapbooks every year, and no one is all that enthused..........Last year, David said he wishes I would just put photos in an album without all that "frilly junk" on the if you remember, I made him a 300 page album with photos only, no journaling no dates no THERE!!!!!!! I did send Lisa and Scotts albums, but of course have heard nothing from either of them......I think it's time to quit. I will continue to scrap, but will just keep adding to these family albums I have already.

I do enjoy them, and love looking back at the first pages I did....and how it has from now on, I will do what I enjoy doing only! What a relief that will be!!!! I made well over 350 pages this past year........and I have maybe 10 in my of that! LOL

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