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Ann.......I don't understand????? Why is your dh balking at having a picture with the new great grandbaby?????? Has he seen her yet????? I am guess that would be a no! Hmmmmmm I may have missed something that explains it all. [email protected]!!!! Sometimes they are just plain stubborn and bullheaded!!!!!! It just seems a simple thing to me. But then Diana has relatives and a dh that does not want their photos online for anyreason, even just in on a scrapbook page. So I guess there are things we just don't understand. My thinking is if you don't want your photo anywhere, don't get in the picture. LOL I do tend to oversimplify stuff sometimes...... People just have their own ideas about things and I guess we have to let them have them......! I hope Audie will change his mind and have his photo taken with the new baby! Now in my one even asks me to hold Lilly and have a photo you see?????? Its all just a mystery!

It is not an issue of the picture. It is an issue of his not wanting to go ANYWHERE! He just wants to stay at home or go to his office...PERIOD! He will go to church as long as it is the normal Sunday worship service. Some medical issues as a result of all the prostate cancer surgeries, etc. do come into play when he has to go for a long time without a restroom, but, really, an hours drive with a rest area on the way and a hospital with a restroom every few feet!

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