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This is Round 5 of this challenge which is dedicated to finding inspiration right where it lives: in the gallery.

This site has a such a wonderful gallery brim full of inspiration for every scrapper, card-maker or whatever. How much do we take advantage of it? Well we are about to find out.
Here goes:
*Your creation will be a lift of an item from the gallery that inspires the person after you.
*Anyone can play - layouts(paper & digi) and cards are accepted. Entries must be newly created this month please.

*The person who signs up immediately after you chooses your inspirational item and posts it here.
In order to be added to the front page as a participant you must post the lo/card or both that the person before you will lift within 24 hours of expressing your desire to participate. If you do not do this in the time specified you will not be added.*

Once you have your inspiration create your inspired lo and/or card and post it here. (don't forget public embedding).

*When you sign-up indicate whether you are doing a layout, a card, or both. (Yes you can participate in each category).

*Deadline to post entries is January 26th*

*On January 27th VOTING begins. PM me your top 3 choices in card or lo category (6 votes total). Please give me the name of the player whose lo or card you are voting for. Each voter gets a vote. If you do the twist you get an extra vote so please note in your PM if you did so or not.

*Top 3 in each category will go to a public poll .

*Sign-ups till January 4th.

And now for the TWIST:
Choose one:
1.January of course brings the New Year and many of us make resolutions and set goals for the coming year. Use your creation to tell us about your goals for 2013 or about resolutions you have made in the past and how they worked out.

2. Our other twist our card makers should have fun with but the lo makers can definitely do it too - my birthday is this month so lets talk birthdays all around...make a card, feature an important birthday you have celebrated, yours or someone else's.

As always please love for your co-players.

Have fun and get inspired!

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