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1. Make a new pet LO as of today, Dec. 30th. Digital is allowed.
2. You don't have to sign up, you can enter a LO anytime during the month.
3.There will be an optional twist, those who do it get an extra vote when it comes time to vote.
4. Due date is January 29th. Participants can then PM me their top 5 votes. Just the numbers of the LO's is fine. Plus your number and if you did the twist. You donĀ“t need to vote for yourself, you get an extra point just for voting.
5. Please allow public embedding!!
6. Winner will receive a rak from me!

Have fun & be creative! You can only enter one LO, but feel free to share as many pet LO's as you like!

OPTIONAL TWIST: something new-since it's the new year, add something new to your LO. Could be new paper or embellishments, a new tool or technique. Just something new that you haven't used or done before on a LO.

Example:I used new a new paper pad, stamp and a few new embellies (wood veneers and title tag.)
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