Username Post: Rubber legs on Sizzix Bigfoot bleeding color?
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Has anyone else had this problem? I got my Big Kick as a gift some time ago, played with it a bit and then had to store it away because of lack of space. But I just pulled it out wanting to play some more and as I was working (with white paper nonetheless and this dark reddish wine discoloring was getting all over everything. I found a bit on my hands, thought that might be it - washed them well and used sanitizer to get every bit of anything off, but kept finding the smudging still happening. It was all over my desk top. I was using the machine, then moving it and finally noticed a bit of scrap paper against one of the little legs and the color from the leg was bleeding onto the paper. I wiped the legs with some paper towel and the color just keeps coming off. I had it resting on a tupperware type of container, so no liquid of any kind would have gotten on the legs. I was going to try to pull off one of the little legs to see if they could be replaced - then contact Sizzix, but I thought I would check here first, to see if there might be some other solution - or mainly to see if anyone else has had this bizarre problem.

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