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Cleaning my brothers basement this week, I came across a box of "old" photos...some of his marriage to the ex wife, other stuff that has her in it. Made me hate her all over again, and they've been divorced 6 yrs or so...But i happened to look thin n beautiful in some of those shots...I plan on going thru them n cutting her out, and putting the rest in a scrapbook of the fam thru those years. I will just be selective. I also have my very first pages ever done, way back in like 1997...they were of my former best friend and her kids, one of whom is my godson. It is awful to look at them now, it brings up the hurt of ending our friendship all over again. And I DONT look good in these pics. In one I am wearing an Easter sticker on my forehead, because thats where the kids put it!

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