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Yeah true but I keep the original and scrapbook most of them with photo corners or removeable glue dots. The rest that I don't scrap going in photo albums. I scan almost all them just in case someone wants a copy. I can print them off my kodak pritner. I love photos and don't think I'll ever throw them away. I labeled almost all the photos I came across. Some I don't know the people but know they are family. So I am trying to figure out who they are by posting the old photo on sites like ancestry(dot)com. I did find few people who help me id the people in the photos.

Yeah I have the same problem Judy my uncle was married three times he married to his current wife of almost 10 years. When I see other photos of him with his two ex wives or my aunt with her first husband. I just put their names down without saying aunt or uncle. Because it will easier that way for me anyways.

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