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My uncle was married to his first wife whom we just adored and always will. Mom probably has pircures with her in them and she will always be family.

He married and divorced two more times and I think those pictures were just tossed. I don't have them anymore and I don't think anyone else kept any of them.

I was married to my first husband almost 10 years. After we divorced I hung on to my big fancy wedding albums but when I moved a year later there was no point in lugging that thing around so I pitched it. And all the pictures with him in it.

Later I asked the kids if they ever saw the wedding pictures of their father and me becuase their grandmother may have a few. They said they didn't want to see them. THeir dad and me - we were a train wreck and there was no reason they wanted to see pictures of us together.

I do have a nice picture of my mom with me and both of my brothers our spouses and all 7 of our kids that was taken professionallyl on Mother's Day on year - mom actually dragged us all to the photographer on that day and it was 63 miles away.

I wish so much my ex-husband had not been in it becuase it is so good of everyone else. I have a framed 11 x 14 of it and neither of my kids want it so it will find its way to the trash.

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