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  • kiyawinn Said:
TOTALLY agree on the Cameo obsession....I got one for Christmas too and I love playing with it!

My other obsessions are....
Texture - using burlap, canvas, mod podge, gesso, etc..on pages. I love the texture and 3D effect on the paper
Chipboard/Grungeboard - same as above...I love 3D pages
Banners - I use them a lot too!
Heat Embossing - I do it on almost every page...I use it on alphas, chipboard embellies or even just around the edge of a page....
Inking Edges - I ink the edges of most of the papers on any given page, backgrounds, photo mats, embellies....


What she said!! Minus the Cameo and Banners. Haven't used either of those yet.

I also love to distress the edges of stuff--cards, layouts, mats etc.

And I use some form of paint, ink, spray, stain etc on pretty much everything.

As for new trends, check out the New Arrivals section here. All kinds of cool stuff there!

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