Username Post: What Are Your Hopes and Goals in Your Crafting?
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I scrapbook just for fun. But i'd love to be able to make money at it someday but that's just a dream. I wish I just had at least half the talent that you all have.

I hope that someday my scrapbooks will be passed down and shared when my son grows up and starts a family. I just love to scrapbook and document our family and pets and friends.

And this places has been just great and to have such nice people to share in our interests together. I've met some great friends because of scrapbooking.

A goal would be to do more scrapbooking, learn more, try more, and get better.

I think you aren't giving yourself enough credit! You've already figured out that ghosting technique thats been driving me batty since you posted about it oh so many months ago! I'm determined to conquer it, though!!

Awe, Kim thank you so much!!! You are so very kind and thoughtful! Get those mists out and play around! I had fun the other night and got my mists out to make some backgrounds for my art journal finally!!!!! But that's as far as i've gotten. lol I'll try and take some pics in a little bit and post them to my gallery.

Another goal is to master clustering flowers!!!! lol

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