Username Post: What Are Your Hopes and Goals in Your Crafting?
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I just scrap for the love of it. I just love playing with patterned papers, the rich colors of cardstock, the textures of everything. The creativity! I don't scrap for anyone but myself - don't have anyone to leave my work to, and it's mostly of my cats, anyway. But the cards I send are being more and more appreciated by the recipients, and I keep track of what I send who so I don't repeat. But those pages and cards that I keep in my gallery here are a little time capsule of where I was in my life and my crafting ability when I completed them. With a lot of them, I remember what I was doing in my life at the time that I could shoehorn the work in there. And I participate in challenges sometimes, so I can remember the focus and effort that I had to do to meet those challenges. It's all fun! (Except when I'm up against a deadline and I'm fresh out of mojo. No fun.)

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