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I scrapbook for fun. I do make cards as well. I enjoy any paper crafting. I love making banners as well. I do hold classes at my house, mainly for making cards. I am a Stampin' Up demo so it is kinda a business for me. (mainly to keep myself in paper and ink!!! )
Crafting is my relaxing time. I enjoy it and getting together with others that like to create. So maybe a little bit of fun, business, and social all mixed into one. With my classes I try to focus on the fun and social aspect. Yes, it is a class and we make cards or sometimes scrapbooking pages but it is the social and fun part that is important!! I am having a Birthday Bash Buffet class in two weeks. Very excited to have this event- I am hoping people will like the laid back atmosphere, and hope to get some noncrafters interested!!!
I end up being the mom that does all the crafting projects with the kids at school. That's okay, I love working with the kids! I try and make decorations for the classes as well. In the fall, I made leaf garland for the classrooms. I do the bullentin boards as well. Not always but sometimes. I do enjoy it!! But when I am pushed to get something done...I get stressed!!! I was asked one year to make auction number paddles for an auction at our school. At first, the lady told me they needed 25. No problem. The next day...she came back and told me she needed 125!!!!! HOLLY CRAPOLA!!!! oh and she needed them in three days!!! Yea, that one stressed me!!!

125 in 3 days? Did she think that you had super woman stashed in a drawer in your house? You're my

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