Username Post: Expression, Grand Calibur or Silhouette?
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Just G

I am looking for the quickest and easiest method of having some flourish images, alphas and matting designs at my finger tips.

I have an expression now but no longer have a designated scrap room to keep things set up.

The machine and matting take up too much room on my little table as well and flipping through the booklets is just time consuming. I'm not a layering die cut person (cutting out several of the same shape in different colors) and would rather just got buy complex die cuts these days since I don't scrap as much. I need a machine that's best for fancy matting, flowers and alphas more than anything

I love the look of nesties and the layering you can do but does it take a lot of time to cut them all out by hand? I'm measuring the time it takes to run matting vs. the time it takes for me to stick the paper to the circut mat and type in what I need and then scrape it off the mat...

Is it hard to learn and how big is the grand calibur? Is there a smaller version? I rarely mat anything larger than 5x7 so can I use a cuttlebug?

the silhouette seems smaller and lighter than the expression. Is it hard to learn to download the files and organize them on the computer?

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