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I have used wood like this for years. Made pins to sell at craft shows as well as ornaments for different Holidays. Then for scrapping I have made 3D 'paintings' to go on pages or in a doll house for a friend who does that. Just used acrylic paints and some I stamped the image then painted it or did it freehand things like flowers, animals, just whatever hits me as the 'needed' accent! You can always repaint over one you don't like, easy!

I have a little scroll saw and use that to cut what shapes I want. But for those who want a less expensive way to cut these you can use a Coping Saw, under $10 at most hardware stores. Hand sawing is slower but For me, it gives better control when cutting a more delicate design like scrolly designs.

Sorry I don't have any photos of ones I have done, but will see if I have any around and will take a pics if I do Fun subject these veneers are! Keep in mind when buying that the different woods have different grains and colors, but you will not always get the exact design on the wood you see in the picture- it is natural and many times each one is different.

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