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I have several trimmers and love them all for different reasons.
These are in no certain order.

The genesis trimmer is the top, hands down, best trimmer on the market, IMO. (from Bonnie's best). comes with a HUGE price tag. Very well made! The edgelit is wonderful! But it is heavy and not crop or travel friendly. (and big, I have the 16" cutter with and edge light and it is BIG!!!). I know people that have had their trimmers for 10+ years and still use it everyday!!!

Cutterpillar - is very similar to the genesis trimmer as far as style and function. It is not made as well as the genesis but overall, I think it is solidly made and cuts well. A little more reasonable considering you don't have to replace the blades...ever. they do run specials from time to cutterpillar. It has a smaller footprint than the genisis and is lighter weight and has a nice edgelight as well. Works on batteries so no cord.

For crops and traveling, I use my Stampin' Up trimmer. It is very light weight and portable. It is similar to a lot of fiskars trimmers in function but also scores as well. I like the measurements on it and I love that I can get replacement blades all the time!!!

The last trimmer that I love is my Stampin' Up tabletop trimmer. This isn't for everyone but I find the good cuts make it very easy to use. And I have held off on ordering this for three years, now I wonder why I didn't get it before!

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