Username Post: ATG GUN HELL!
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OMG I finally got back in october an atg gun for those of you who have no idea what that is: A- advanced T- Tape G- gun. Advanced Tape Gun glider.
I got it at Micheals in TEXAS and it was by scotch 3m. PINK i thought it was perfect i took it home then trouble. The tape pulled away from the paper it was sticking to i had to pull it apart from the paper it is confusing so i took it back and exchanged it. GOT A new one and it got all gunked up and kept on staying stuck to the gun and not to the paper (same problem) so i had to eventully return it!!! now i am just stuck using hot glue gun and glue sticks. any ideas on what to try NEXT????
thanks for letting me VENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what a pain.

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