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Ann how nice you are having a visit from your cousin! I hope the weather is cooperating.

Betsey, guess what???? i got the episodes of Downton Abbey today! Now that was fast! Didn't I only order it yesterday, or was it Monday!? It says approx. 15 hours on 6 discs.

It sounds like I am missing many good shows after reading all the chatter here! Tom Selleck???? I guess I have missed the show Blue Blood too!

Now myself, I think George Clooney is rather dreamy! Sigh!

Usually when I have the television on, I am reading or knitting or crocheting!

It's even more obvious are just not a TV watcher......what about movies???? Do you go to movies/??? Rent????? Watch on TV.????? I am a movie fan and have been my entire was my Mother. She and I went to the movies a lot when my Dad was out of town....he thought movies a waste of time....along with big jigsaw puzzles. He was a hard man! His reading always consisted of something connect to work. He was very driver, and very successful in that area of his life.

Anyway........Blue Bloods is about an Irish Family in Boston, whereelse???? into the third or fourth generaltion of Law Enforcement. I love this glad it's still on....this is the third season I believe. I truly love the family side to this drama.......and Tom Selleck is a wonderful Patriarc. I love the man that plays his Father. I really just love the whole show. He (Tom) is as good looking old as he was young as far as I am concerned. LOL And this is a perfect part for him at this age......He has the greatest facial expressions.........I truly love him. So can have George Clooney.....he is a short good looking guy full of himself......and not my type at all. Now Tom Selleck??????? That's more my style.

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