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CATHE good luck painting!! I am a sick person who LOVES to paint!! We will be painting both the girls rooms soon. When it warms up a bit to open the windows!

Me too Char....I have painted every inch of this house at least once and three rooms the 10 years I have lived here. I have never lived in a house or apartment that I did not paint the every room at some time or another. I also fact, when Karen was younger....when Matt and Mandy were babies and she was a "single Mom" we both worked for my friends who were painters. Had their own business. I did tons of wallpaper for him, and painted too....for serious money! In the 80's there was a real housing boom in our area....and he had so much work, that he hired Karen and I, in fact told us we could work any hours if we would just come to work for him. So we did.....I learned a lot about painting......!!!! He was a Union Painter from Detroit, and had gone all through apprenticships so knew how to paint a room. He taught both of us to do trim and cut in with a four inch brush. Hardly anyone knows how to do that anymore.........! Anyway....Painting is something I have always done even before I knew how. LOL

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