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Henri Jean

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You have to develop the trick of releasing the trigger and lifting up at the same time. If you don't, it will stick to the paper and make a mess. There is a learning curve with the ATG and some people learn it right away and some have to have a lot of practice.

I went to one crop and there was a woman - probably close to 90 years sitting next to me and her daughter was sitting next to her. She had given her mother papers to make cards.

The older woman looked over at my ATG gun and picked it up and glued her card and set it down. Then she waited for me to finish with it and picked it up again and used it. That went on for 6 hours. I think she thought the store was furnishing it and I wasn't about to tell her she couldn't use it - she was enjoying it so much and had a perfect touch with it so I shared with her all evening. Never said a word to her.

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