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Cookies If you're making a double batch of those choc. chip ones, send me a few please!...and could you put some dark choc. chunks in the mix, too? [said while scarfing down some dark choc., left from my Christmas sock ]

My printer/graphics programs let me make pictures into coloring book pages, so I do that sometimes with photos, then jazz them up with paper, cloth, lace...whatever looks interesting. I made a couple of big wall-size pictures that way for grandkids and it also works good for scrapping or cards.

I have a cuttlebug, Creatopia, Cameo Silhouette and Cricut Expression, but love using scissors and x-acto knife. The one thing I like about using the cuttlebug is being able to emboss the die-cut pieces, but it's certainly not necessary.

Have fun with however you choose to do it. Using coloring-book type of pages is just another technique.~Judy

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