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Hi, I LOVE to scrapbook but cannot stand endless searching for items I know I have but cannot lay my hands on. (Only to find them after I gave up & finished the LO!) But, organizing materials are pricey (!) unless you catch a good deal or a piece on clearance. The paper + packs are great, I get frustrated searching thru each one, so I cut the letters/alphabets loose & covered a sturdy empty shoe box with paper I liked (I wrapped it just like you would a package) that coordinates with my space, & put all my letters in it. The length of the box is perfect! I placed it on a shelf nearby & it works great. I also took an empty container that holds single packs of hot chocolate, again covering with paper, & I use it for holding smaller embellishments like packaged jewels. It's the perfect width & it was free! Look around your house: I found small long baskets that are super for holding all my glitter glues & the small tag pads. I got tired of sorting thru all my loose flower embellishments, so I started saving smaller glass jars (olive, fresh parmesan cheese, pepper rings) & used one for each color. They work awesome, as I can see immediately what I have. I also use them for buttons, etc. A mesh letter divider I have works great for packaged punch outs, etc. At my office, a clear tiered phamphlet holder hadn't been used in years. It works great holding my gel pens, & all my scissors. A clear, hard plastic lided CD disk holder my kids no longer wanted works awesome for holding pretty cards I've received & want to use sometime. Hope these ideas help!

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