Username Post: Vertical Vs Hanging Paper Storage
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I use Horizontal storage and even tho I have a tiny bedroom in the attic atm I managed to have one cabinet filled with paper tays, on colour, shapes n themes. I do have a lot of paper and I mean... me bedroom I have a bed, display cabinet, drawer piece for small clothing, desk and a half cabinet for me papers. I find this easier cause the paper stays nice n neat. I have it organised on colour so if I want to work with a particular colour, I can take the stack out and flip thru that. On me desk which is the size of a regular roomdoor, I have storage built with shelves where I store bins with smaller embellishments. Those are organized on rubons, alphabets, flowers, ribbons ect...I went from a full attic space for only me crafts to a quarter attic space for all me personal belongings (moved from own home to parents home) and I must say, I manage. I did not want to reduce the paper space as I was just done organising it how I find it handy. I know there are scrap cabinets that are the width of a 12x12 paper tray and they go from floor to ceiling. Those can be put right next to a desk or something... They hold a lot of space for the trays and paper.
I reckon, when paper "hangs" it eventually start bending thru the middle...

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