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Rum and I looked at microwaves. Of course he has to come home and research them to death. I think we have it down to a Whirlpool either at Sears or Lowe's. We always try to buy local from a guy Rum played baseball with. However he was $100 higher than at Lowe's, but the model # was different. So hard to compare. Meanwhile I miss being able to microwave.

My carpet might not be installed on Wed. It hasn't arrived yet at the store. Steve (my salesperson that reminds me so much of the dad on the tv show The Middle) said they had an ice storm in Georgia and that might have delayed it. OH @!!!%&***

I am guilty of comparing items before I buy too, Cathe! It doesn't make me that much smarter about the item, but I still do it.

My last microwave came from Walmart. Guess why? Allen went by himself to pick out one.

It definitely is not my favorite, but it will do!

Oh no on your carpet...! Did I see you curse????

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