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Ann how nice of Audie to cook.

Betsey I too feel so badly for David and Karen. I'll pray for a miracle.

Tish is there an app for free books for the Ipad?

Cathe, I think if you look on your Ipad, you will see on icon that looks like a bookcase, that is apple's ebooks. You have to go up in the corner and click on store once you open it. I am not sure if there are free ones. I will check tonight.

You can download free books to go to your app like Cheryl does by going to When you get the kindle section up on amazon..someplace it asks you where to download the book. You have some options...It will say download to my Kindle, or my Ipad. Since you do not have a Kindle, you would choose IPAD. I wish I could talk you through this.

Some day when I get ambitious, I will call you and show you how to get on facetime on your IPAD and then I think I can talk you through features on the IPAD.

Note I said I think!!!!!!! I am not that good at explaining. I am more of a hands on and learn that way!

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