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Betsey, this site has been acting very wacky. I just posted something and it appeared in with yours and Ann's and I can't remember what or who else. I deleted it...It was a big old mess!

I like the small local hardware stores myself. Guess what? We have ACE hardware in Waterville. We often show as local as we can. By local, I mean Unity ( 5 miles ). They have a nice hardware store owned by nice people. True they are a bit higher but again we do not have to use as much gas to get there. We also have an Amish Hardware store in Unity now. Very nice. The last time I went in, I was with my daughter in law, Lisa and daughter Julie. We bought some apples, gourds, tomatoes etc, and I started to pay with my debit card and he said, sorry we don't take plastic! lol....I borrowed the money from Lisa until I got home. Not sure why I didn't write out a check.

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