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What a nice hubby! I LOVE hubby's that cook! Mine did for awhile when I worked. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to anymore. I say that with a smile.

I always get the 50 mg. of benadryl along with some other meds before the infusion. It does make me very sleepy too, but like Lara, I tend to just close my eyes and not really sleep because as you say, all the machines beeping and the blood pressure cuff inflating!

I sometimes wonder why their benadryl makes me sleepier than the benadryl I take here in the evening!!!

The stew was tasty and he made cornbread to eat with it. He enjoys cooking and since his office was closed for MLK day, he had time to do it.

The benadryl that Lara got was in IV form so it was in her system quicker. Do you get IV or a pill?

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