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Week 3 Sketch:

February MSC ~ Week 3 Sketch By MelissaW

Twist: Use the color red somewhere on your page.

Sample: carousel fun By MelissaW

1. True Summer Happiness By TesaB

2. Our Family By FinallyMama

3. Carefree By LesleyC

4. We R Hot Dogs By Doreena

5. Oh You Talking to Me By Bubblegirl

6. We believe By BoBecca77

7. Florida flowers By Marcilb

8. Why Did You Do That Farrah? By Mia1979

9. 1st Mother's Day By Beck_bear

10. *Hello Bedhead By Claggy

11. The GAME is ON By OlesyaK.

12. I Love Hugs & Kisses By Arteshamac

13. Rev War Camp 04 1 By PaulaJen

14. Soccer 2012. Sketch challenge #3 By Mwendt7

15. What Now? By Dancinirish90

16. Home Sweet Home By Senora_x

17. Miles of Smiles By Tracy F


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