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Julie Garman

If there is another place to introduce ourselves, I didn't see one. So the moderators are welcome to move this post as appropriate.

Many years ago, around 2006, when I started scrapbooking, I found an awesome website where I could order products, find wonderful pictures of ideas and forums to make friends. That site has closed down.

I relocated to another part of the country in 2008. There are no scrapbooking stores in my area. So I decided to search online for a new local to hang out.

Also in the meantime, my scrapbooking supplies have been in storage for 4 years, awaiting shipment to my new home. Well a very good friend of mine is coming for a visit and agreed to pick up my scrapbooking supplies and drive them to me! So next Tuesday (Feb. 5), I get my supplies. I'm sure I'll be knee-deep in organization for a while but it won't take me long to jump back into my passion!

This site seems to have been around a while and a good place to settle for a bit.

So in short, hello fellow scrapbook enthusiasts!

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