Username Post: February Scraplift the Person Before You ~ Closed and Scrapping
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REMEMBER February is a short month.

This is an EASY challenge.

All you do is sign up and then you will scraplift and post your layout of the person who signed up before you! Please be sure to post a link to the original layout as well.

Clarification of "How To Participate."
#1. Sign up for this challenge.
#2. See who is in the sign up list ahead of you.
#3. Go to that person's gallery and choose a layout to lift.
#4. Post your layout along with the original.

Sign ups will continue until February 6th. Layouts must be posted by the 28th!

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM HOSTESS: This challenge is only as good as it's participants, since everyone who signs up needs to participate for it to be successful. If you have signed up in the previous month and did not complete your lift, please do not sign up this month. It is not fair to the other participants. If you sign up and find you will not be able to complete the challenge during the month, please let me know ASAP! Thanks

Participants are ask to check in to the thread at least once per week while the challenge is going on, that way we know if we have someone MIA before the last hours of the challenge! Thanks!!

If you do not check in once per week you will be dropped from this challenge and unable to participate in the following month. Of course if you've notified us you are going on vacation or there's an emergency, we're not heartless...

January’s Winner

senora_x Original Lift

Here We GO!

1. TexasMomOf4 #36

2. Lenethren Original Lift

3. klweist Original Lift

4. njr007 Original Lift

5. beck_bear Original Lift

6. NMscrapper Original Lift

7. newtoscrapping2011 Original Lift

8. TesaB Original Lift

9. lindaj3 Original Lift

10. Marcilb Original Lift

11. Lookin4newideas Original Lift

12. Bubblegirl Original Lift

13. PamStewart.Iowa Original Lift

14. sasload4 Original Lift

15. AuntyT Original Lift

16. GMFTS Original Lift

17. AngieO Orinial Lift

18. vincarash Original Lift

19. LesleyC Original Lift

20. tinadn Original Lift

21. Pam in TX Original Lift

22. Faithscrapper Original Lift

23. Jen E Original Lift

24. crafterrjb Original Lift

25. LelaScraps-N-Stamps Original Lift

26. Nannyfeb Original Lift

27. FinallyMama Original Lift

28. jcbreck Original Lift

29. amancuso Original Lift

30. Lauriep78 Original Lift

31. senora_x Original Lift

32. miss becky Original Lift

33. meezerpleaser Original Lift

34. fabricfrenzy Original Lift

35. jazzescrapper Original Lift

36. TexasMomOf4 Original Lift

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