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I agree with Shatema, we all could figure it out Janie!

Still no computer at home and I am loving it! I went to my doctor yesterday and I did not gain any weight over the holidays. My new goal is to decrease the amount of diabetes medication I am on. I think if I think of it that way instead of pushing myself to lose weight, I will do better. I need to lose about 50 lbs to be at my best weight. So I am starting today.

I'll be your little cheerleader!!!! I know that you can do it!!!!

So I went to the Dr. on Monday to talk about my diabetes. Well when I found out, my 3 month average was 293. Now my 3 month average is 119 I dropped it 174 points! Well, the reason my sugar levels were SO low, was because my dosage was SO high cause my levels were too! Well, now that I brought it so down the medication was too much for me. So they cut my medication in half!! YAY!!! If I can maintain my levels through the spring, by summer I might be able to be off of the medication for good!!!

They did put me on other medication, for high blood pressure. I was just below border line, but when you are diabetic and you have high blood pressure. That is a BAD thing! It can lead to heart attack or stroke in women. So the medication that they put me on is just the lowest dose they can. But this will also help with keeping my kidney’s in good order, which is a big concern for diabetics.

Yes, I take a very low dose antihypertensive med. My blood pressure is 110/70 ish. I also have a cholesterol lowering medication and my total cholesterol is super low too. My goal this year is to lose the weight and get on less medication. First step is mindful eating. Then getting back into the real exercise program. Thanks in advance for the support.

You have my support as well! We can do this together!!

I really need to get back to the basics with my eating and exercise. I have really let things go in the last 4 months, it feels yucky!

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