Username Post: What is the best way to make and print a digital scrapbook?
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Will check out Shutterfly.

I've gotten books from CM before and have been pleased with the quality, but the book I tried to make (8x8 softcover) started out as $25, then once I added pages it turned into $60. I was able to delete about 20 pages and get the price down to $35, but it doesn't have all of the events and pictures in it and it's frustrating because I tried to get photos of everyone at an event onto a page and I just didn't have enough room.

I put up both copies of the book, the long and short versions, and I'm going to let the members decide which they want to purchase. I got a copy of each for samples yesterday and they look fantastic, but you can't tell non-scrapbooking people that $60 for a tiny book is a good deal. :/

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