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Good Morning Ladies!!!

Cheryl, many prayers and hugs being sent your way.

Betsey, I would love to see that show!! West End Salvage?? Is that the name?? Man, I can't seem to hold onto nothing I read lately... I love that kind of fun, picking salvaging, repurposing...I cringe though when I see something repurposed...changed completely when in my opinion would of been far better off left alone...but that is the beast of the animal I suppose...or my lack of imagination!

Tishy, there was something you asked me...and I need to go back and re-read....I can't think of what it was... I know I haven't answered yet, and did have something to say... OIY!!!

Slept in and managed "the other hour" because we didn't SPRING forward lastnight! Oh well, I'll loose it sometime today!!!

Well I was not going to mention that, but the guy in charge has no scruples regarding what he cuts up and how he repurposes stuff. Quite frankly You and I would be far betters hosts of this show. One of his guys made a really cool box out of, now don't faint.....a copper turett from a barn in Iowa. I, of course, was yelling at the TV do NOT cut that thing in half.......but they did, and then of course had parts left one of the guys made a really cool half circle box with a hinged old wood lid, and of course the verdigrisA(green) of the old copper along with how he distressed the lid, edged it with another molding, I mean it was wonderful. The host kind of busted his chops....told him it would never sell, and he should have left the scraps alone they could have gotten more for the "scrap copper" than they will get for the box. Sigh.....of course I am needing oxygen by this they put it in the shop and of course the box sold immediately......and I was thrilled.......truthfully the guy is an idiot and keeps blowing his own horn about knowing "everything" about making money repurposing. NOW, that was my complaint about some of the dealers when i was in the business. They saw nothing but dollar signs, did not see the beauty the history or any of that, just how much they could make. My friend Jim Neery from Mass...used to say to me....."For Cryin' out loud, quit carressing the stuff aand sell can't fall in love with this junk" We had a running argument about that......1

In fact went toe to toe one day....I had a pie safe with old, blue milk paint over the was was priced at $650. I had a lady that wanted to buy it, but was going to "refinish" it......I told her it was over 100 years old and so was the paint, and that the wood was probably ash, or maple.......and it was more valuable as it was.....she insisted that she would strip all the paint off and refinish it.....soooooo I would not sell it to her. She offered $100 more than I was asking....but I just could not knowingly sell her that thing knowing what she was going to do with it.......! I know, I know.....pretty stupid I guess, but I just could not stand the idea of her taking away all that history and patina. Jim did not talk to me for an entire day! We set up across the aisle from each other at Lakewood in Atlanta for over 6 years....and became very good friends.

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