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It's not coming along. We've been casually looking online at what's available and so far nothing that is worth looking at. Once I have my house ready to sell, we will be out constantly looking for something. I'm worried that I'll need to give up my acreage for a nicer house that's convenient for David's work.

Good luck, I know how hard it can be, if you only kind of like a house online go and see it, I saw houses that looked great online and terrible in person and viceversa. I didn't want to see our house because the pics online were not that good, but we were looking at a house in the area and Raul insisted on seeing this one, once we got inside it was the complete opposite of the pics, I saw a house with a lot of potential, a fixer upper of course but with our budget that was what we could buy, and I am very glad we did
Anyway, looking for a house is exausting, but your house is out there and I'm sure you'll find it soon.

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