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Hey robin, how funny to see you in here, ha ha ha. I actually grew up in Rock Springs, hello to everyone there, and moved to MN about 4 years ago. My dad is still in RS and my sister is in Rawlins and they say that the economy is growing like crazy. Huge oil boom again sounds like. Depends on where you live I guess on how the economy is. I think farther north they say that its slower business wise. Cost of living has really jumped since I moved there. You could usually buy a decent house for about 100,000 and be comfortable but the way it sounds, they are all going for over 200,000 plus and they are not huge houses. So, I guess it depends on where you are.

Hello to everyone there, koffeequeen, i was actually born in Powell, and my grandparents are still in Lovell. I have a ton of family up there still. Hopefully some day I can make it back up there. I love the mountains. Use to spend every summer up there with my grandparents and went to college in powell for a semester.

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring there. Great to see a site from home!!!!

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