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  • Elisa on 03-25-01 03:33 PM

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I also started out in the CM albums, but have recently switched to the top loading Dalee albums. So far, I prefer the Dalee.

One of the main reasons I prefer a top loading album is the fact that I don't have to scrap in order or plan ahead. Much easier on me

My CM albums look very nice, but I have had problems with the page protectors tearing easily. This may happen with the Dalee's also, I just haven't had that problem yet.

Giselleacttwo and Lmiracle have a good point about dust on top loading albums. But I have seen a couple of companies(Highsmith is one) that make album holders that would protect any album from dust. It's probably not a bad idea for any type of album.

As for the size of the album, that depends on your pics and how you work. I personally work best in 12x12.

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