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this was posted by someone named Jane at another board..thanks Jane

14.This is a handy little tip that I learned at my LSS about how to make it easier to glue the letters on your layout. I hope I explain this so that it makes sense. First off you need the Scotch Removable Tape. The packaging is blue. You lay you word out exactly how you want it on your layout. Tear off a piece of tape a little longer than the length of the word. Lay the tape down over the word. Pick it up and turn it over, add your glue, then turn it over and place it down on the layout, pressing fairly firmly, then peel off the tape..Viola!!! Your hands never come in contact with the glue!!! Doing titles is not near the pain as it used to be. I have just started working on a baby album for a co-workers son and daughter in law and it has made this so much easier.Usually I just print out the title but this looks a whole lot better.

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