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Marking my spot so that I can stay caught up on all the cool tips and tricks!

I myself use my Xyron X sticker maker for most small things. It makes layering a snap and titles come out clean. My baby bug saved my tooshie last week as the project I was attempting to make for my daughter's preK class was a miserable failure. I had one night to come up with something new. Two hours later I was done and the entire things cost all of $1.50!! I made the entire class a set of bookmarks (lamb and bunny) with a basket charm/tag with their names and a small bag of jelly beans. I whipped out all 24 that I needed in no time flat. Ali loved the idea when she saw them the next morning and she's been using her bookmarks in the new books she got from the Easter Bunny. I'll post a picture of them to my gallery once I find my brain again.

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