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Hi Kerry,
Glad you joined us! Will definitely be at Scrapfest in September. Went in March of 06 but was unable to make it this spring due to work. Can't wait till September. My birthday is also in Sept. so maybe DH will throw a lot of cash my way to spend! LOL!!
Oh yeah everyone, I just went to the HL in Shreveport Saturday and it is HUGE!!!!!!! They have soooo much sb stuff! Way more that Hammond or Slidell (although I love my HL no matter the size!) I also went to Scrapbook Heaven in Bogalusa on Wednesday last week. It is a great little store in an old house (kinda like Scrappin' Buds only smaller). But they are very current with all their stock they have a pretty large selection of items. They are also very friendly. Give em a try! Lynn

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