Username Post: *Clean and Simple* Critique Group - Volume One
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Hello, friends, and welcome to our *Clean and Simple* Critique Group!

Here are some reasons you may have joined this thread:

1) To share your work with others
2) To receive honest feedback and criticism
3) To expand your scrapbooking skills
4) To learn from other members
5) To join a friendly community and get to know one another better

Here are some things you should know:

1) When able, please post a LINK to the layouts you would like to share
2) When leaving feedback or criticism, please begin with the letters “CS”
3) We hold optional challenges from time to time, sometimes with prizes
4) When participating in challenges, please PM (private message) your link to the hostess
5) Sometimes the thread gets chatty. Don’t feel overwhelmed—just hop back in!

Here are our active members:
(If you were previously a member of this group and your name is not on the list, please feel free join us again—we’d love to have you back!)

1) Lycosparks – Lauri
2) Outsidechic – Jakki
3) scrappercaz – Carolyn
4) Rileysmom06 – Becky
5) scrappindmbfan – Nancy
6) bran – Brandy
7) JHAWKEYE – Kate
8) scrapjones – BeckyJ
9) laurbernet – Lauri B
10) Reeves95 – Glenda
11) Capucine – Isabelle
12) RachelRaychef2b23 – Christy
13) Tanya71 - Tanya


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