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okay so here are some of my them apart if you will:
pb & j
my man

oh and for the top thing, may name it Jakki. im a graphic designer, went to school and everything. love to take pictures, hitting a blah spot right now with my sbing...but im trying not to pack it all up and put it away like i usually do when i hit this spot. and work through the blah uncreative me. i have an 16 month old DD she will be the most popular thing i scrap. i have just realized that i use my albums like visual journals as you can already see by my lo posted. so you'll see alot of everyday pictures. hmm what else i don't have a favorite color that i can think of i like them all for differnt reasons although i do have phases. i take 1000 of photos and tend to only post/scrap the best ones. i;m allergic to chocolate and woul prefer to go barefoot anywhere. my style of sbing is bold colors, distressed, not so many embellies and those are usually metalic in color, chipboard. any other questions about me just ask.

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