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Ok, hello again, this is my proper intro....I'm 45, I live with my DH and my 2 teenage dds who are the reason for most of my scrapping. I am a qualified beauty therapist although I only work part time now - there's a limit to the number of hairy arm pits and blocked pores I can stand these days!! I also have an online shopping business which I run from home. None of the friends who introduced me to scrapbooking do it anymore (how can they do that?) so I'm very glad I found this place! As for my style...well...I'm a bit undecided at the moment and thought this group might help me decide...but do I have to decide??...I hate decisions...I find some days I love simplicity on my LOs and I'm really drawn to that style and then other days I just get it into my head that I need to do something more complex and go off at another tangent for a while. I love the colour turquoise, chocolate, the smell of fresh cut grass and watching the ocean. I hate coffee and arrogant people. So that's me, now I'm going to go and look at the LO you ladies have already posted and leave some comments. Here's a couple of mine...hope it's ok that they're not brand new...?


Gail and Gavin

The Bride

Bye for now.

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