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Ok, about me.

I'm a mom of 3, grandmother of one (she'll be in alot of my LO's). I'm a "Lunch Lady"..well, the Manager Lunch Lady, or as some of the kids say "The Lunch Teacher". School's out May 25th, so 7 days of work left and then 2 and half months off!!

I'm eclectic, like lots of styles and ways. Fave color is purple, but I seem to use alot of green in LO's.

I also like other crafts, knitting, crochet, and oil pastel painting. I'm thinking of scrapping one of my paintings, but I'll have to scan it, obviously..

My latest upload is a "Then and Now" of myself. I'm not completely happy with it..and other than needing to add my name to it, just can't put my finger on what's "not right".

Its here: /834449/0...

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