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Ok, I am finally able to write a little something.

Hi Everyone, I am Brandy. I am 27 and a mother to a 9 month old (who is teething) which is why it took me a while to get on here. I am own my own business so that keeps me very busy. But I am also somewhat of a stay at home mom in the sense that my son goes to work with me and is with me 24/7. I am married and I am working on baby number 2. Wish me luck

I am currently working on my son's baby book so all of my pages with be about my pregnancy and my son. His book is 8.5 x 11 but my next book which will hopefully be my wedding album will be 12x12.

I would like to add more dimension and depth to my pages. So that is my goal.

I have commented on everyone's page who left a link to a page!

Here are mine. I will break them up
Pregnancy Test
Father's Love

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