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Vivian loves BLING
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Vivian loves BLING

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I've joined NetFlix to watch all the sci-fi shows I've missed out on. I'm sci-fi channel deprived.

First saw a bunch of people riding horses like crazy, going fast then saw them running into a spaceship. Then I was hooked on Firefly. Caught part of it at my dd's one day. Then got the DVDs and the movie.

I'm still in season one of the new Dr. Whos. I'm not too concerned about them switching female leads. That's okay because they also used to change out the Doctors, too. They'd regenerate and use an different actor. Tom Baker was my favorite from the old series.

NetFlix has skipped over Farscape in the middle of season 3 on me. Very alien. Odd to watch a show with only one human.

Love all things to do with hyperspace (which is basically any space that's more than 3D). I'm actually trying to understand all the current scientific theories about hyperspace/wormholes, etc.

Did you know it's been theorized that Jesus is multidimensional? That's how He entered a room without using either windows or doors. Also explains the "rapture" as believers are phased into another dimension.

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