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Good morning everyone!!
Ok I am so hoping today I am more awake then ever...Yesterday just stunk monkey!!!
Reason I was so tired was because Aedyn wasn't feeling good the night before and Andrew was working late, fun for me!!
Oh well that is life I guess when you get 4 hours of sleep...
Chas~Good luck with your 30 days, I have been doing WW and althought i love it I seem to hit a rock. But it's not that I eat bad, it's because I just am not eating enough anymore. Just not enough time to eat. Anyways if you can ever prevent diabetes good for you but that stinks major that your mom's "seizure" meds have side effects that can cause diabetes too...
Chell~your kittens are sooo cute, I'm not a big cat person but I love admiring other peoples totally. Right now I am animal-less at my house but I guess with the boys running around I just don't hve the time either for them, lol
Allie~Love the altered ATG def a BAM!!!
Mary~any luck picking out the Jewelry
Amber~safe travels you will be missed
Everyoen else, have a great day and welcome to our new home!!!!

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