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Is this for the city or the state?

If it's for the state:
I was hoping some of you might be able to help me out. My family and I live in the Dayton, Ohio area and I am looking for destinations for our next spring break. (which is the week after Easter- this year it's on March 23). I don't wish to travel very far since we have a new baby (she will be 8 mo at the time of travel) and we would love to find a rental cabin near hiking, beautiful scenery and in a cute town. (I'm not asking much am I?) I am wondering if there are places (not necessarily a cabin) that would fit this description. We would like to just get away and get outdoors a little (hiking, biking, etc). It would be helpful if the area has an indoor rec pool or something. Do any of your communities sound like this?

If you have any info to share please PM me!


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