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  • fuzzlekins Said:
Do you guys buy paper stacks? (not cs) The DCWV stacks are always on sale for half off and I think about it but then always decide against it. Do you find them to be a good deal? The reason I always change my mind is I'm thinking how many LOs am I really going to do for a particular theme (like Christmas for example)? I'm typically a paper hand-picker -- one sheet at a time specifically for a certain LO or b/c I just LOVE a certain pattern. Just wondering what others' thoughts are on these stacks.

Not only do I get the PP stacks but I will get the coordinating CS stacks (small stacks) to use for matting. Most fit exactly on a 4x6 photo.
And yea, I get them when there are Coupons or sales. J's is a reasonably priced place.
But sometimes their stuff is gone over so much, so at times I order from this site instead.
Cause me wuvs .

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