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OK ladies, here's the official thread for the new For Scraps Sake COF/critique group. I thought for our first post we might introduce ourselves. I made up a little questionnaire that I'll put below shortly.

Edited 1/12/08 to add links to everyone's gallery:
Vel's gallery
Retrojulie's gallery
Vawm's gallery
-PaperJunkie-'s gallery
-Melissa's- gallery
Richelle's gallery
Kittymama's gallery
Crazy4scrapbookin's gallery
Delusional1's gallery
Manda_K's gallery
Jeni's gallery
Jill's gallery
Susan's gallery

I'm terrible with names so I'm making a list here of our usernames and what we like to be called so you can check here if you happen to forget someone's name. I know it might sound lame, but I really am absolutely awful with names.

Vel - Vel or Velvet (8/11)
Retrojulie - Julie (5/20)
Vawm - Victoria (8/28)
-PaperJunkie- - Debbie (8/14)
-Melissa- - Mel or Melissa (6/29)
Richelle - Richelle (2/5)
Kittymama - Holly (12/30)
Crazy4scrapbookin - Kim (11/2)
Delusional1 - Debbi (12/17)
Manda_K - Amanda or Manda (5/28)
Jillian - Jill (12/26)
Kromkitty - Jeni (12/20)
Sgoetter - Susan (12/23)

Here's the link to our For Scraps Sake blog: FSS blog
Here's the link to our Gypsy's blog: Gypsy's blog

*Reminder* 1st friendly challenge (Julie's) is due Wednesday, Jan. 23. Extension for latecomers and those currently wearing hospital garb (sorry Dee, couldn't resist). If you haven't already, you should e-mail Julie your very first lo for her to post on our blog. Then when you're done, e-mail your redo to her and also post it in your gallery if you want. Don't forget, this is a "just for fun" challenge--no voting, no big prize money--to see how our styles have changed since we began scrapping.

2nd Challenge (Mel's), due Feb. 6: I thought it would be cool to do a layout about the town/city we live in. Since we are all from different parts of the country or at least different towns (well except for Jeni and I), I thought it would be neat to see where we are all from. Is your town known for something? Is there a landmark in your town? Maybe there is only one red light? Show us your town...heck, you can even paint it red first if you want to!!!
--This can be either a one or 2 page layout....however you want to do it! And, I have no problem with using other people's pictures. Also, remember to put these in your password protected FSS album in your gallery for critiquing before transferring to the public gallery. We're requesting at least one piece of constructive criticism on each lo. You may want to wait to glue everything down until you've received those critiques. Up to you.

Challenge #3 (Dee's): Okay girls, I think this one is going to be pretty easy for you. Ready?

Scrap your Obsession/addiction. Is it beanie babies? Diet Coke? All things chocolate? Thickers? Show us what you can't live without!

You have two weeks to complete, so it is due 2/20/08.

Challenge #4 (Vel) Begins Feb. 20 and ends March 5. You are to scraplift a lo by the person who appears above/ahead of you on the list. Since I'm first I'll scraplift Delusional Debbi, Julie will scraplift me etc. etc. You can choose whichever lo you want, including those that have appeared in the FSS gallery. Yep, you can do another obsession lo if you really want to, just make sure it resembles the lo of the person ahead of you. By the way, please remember if you're critiquing a design element, you're also critiquing a design element from the original lo, which probably can't be changed.

New time periods, three weeks each, starts here.

Challenge #5 (Holly): Begins March 5, ends March 26; Use a magazine advertisement as your inspiration. You can use parts of it or the whole thing, it's up to you! Also post a picture/scan of the ad that inspired you so that we can see what you did with it.

Challenge #6 (Amanda): Begins March 26, ends April 16; Okay, a generational pic, THREE handmade embellies, {doodling}, visible journaling or hidden, whatever you prefer. I will send a little gifty to whomever has the MOST generations in their photograph.

Challenge #7 (Victoria): Begins April 16, ends May 7; Your challenge this time is to create a lo that is ALL black and white. You can use a color photo, but extra "points" if it's b/w. Everything else MUST be black or white.

Challenge #8 (Debbie): Begins May 7, ends May 28: You are to scrap an ITEM.......NO people in the photo! However Julie asked if there coule be a person in the supporting pictures.....and yes that would be fine....but the photo that is the main focus of your layout is to have no people in it...ok!

Challenge #9 (Richelle): Begins May 28, ends June 18: I had the idea of everyone swapping a picture that we have been wanting to scrap but maybe is having trouble with. Your partner will scrap your pic for you. (please dirty pics)
So here is the line up. I drew names to match everyone up.

Kim and Debbie
Mel and Manda
Julie and Richelle
Jen and Vel
Victoria and Dee
Holly and Debbi

Yall can swap pics however you want. You can either send them snail mail or send them in an email and your partner can have them printed. It's up to you and your partner how you switch.
Then when the challenge is over you swap layouts.

Challenge #10 (Julie): Begins June 18, ends July 9: Step outside of the scraproom (literally) and use at least one item found in the garage, shed or junk drawer. Use items like duct tape, electrical tape, wire, drywall mesh, spackle, paint, string, burlap, screen, washers, etc. Use your imagination! Have fun & really challenge yourselves...don't cop out with painted something unique with that paint.

Challenge #11 (Vel): Begins July 9, ends July 30: Your mission is to choose a word from the One Little Word blog found here Use that word as your title. Your title must be a one-word title and it must be one of the words found at the OLW blog (you can use any of the words there, going all the way back to the beginning). That's your only rule.

Challenge #12 (Dee): Begins July 30, ends Sept. 3: The challenge is to choose one "item" from each row to use on your lo.

**If you choose one item, you can't use the other in your creation!**

Here goes.....

- one PP or three PPs?
- 3 photos or 2 photos?
- ribbon or brads?
- chipboard or stamps?
- paint or ink?
- letter stickers or a tag?
- hand journaling or computer journaling?

CLARIFICATION: So you will choose your one of two for each of the above and then create your page.
So for instance.... my page recipe could end up being.... "one pp, 3 photos, brads, stamps, paint, letter stickers, computer journaling".

Challenge #13 (Julie): Begins Sept. 3, ends Sept. 24: It doesn't matter 'how' you use them or how many, but you must use at least two 'non-trendy' 'old school' scrappy supply or tools.

Examples: eyelet, punch, chalk, fiber, vellum, foam stamps, tag maker, stickers (non-alpha)

Challenge #14 (Victoria): Begins Sept. 24 and ends Oct. 15: I am so sick of the run of the mill titles I am seeing. My challenge will be to use an uncommon word as a title. Title Word Choices:
1.Evanescent - disappearing after only a short time and soon forgotten
2.Pirouette - a spin of the body, especially one performed in ballet on tiptoe or on the ball of one foot
3.Mellifluous - pleasant and soothing to listen to, and sweet or rich in tone
4.Archaic - no longer useful or efficient
5.Observant - paying such careful attention that little or nothing is unnoticed
6.Heedless - not paying attention to somebody or to something such as a warning, piece of advice, or danger
7.Conformist - somebody who behaves or thinks in a socially acceptable or expected way
8.Rebellious - opposing or defying authority, accepted moral codes, or social conventions
9.Mutinous- plotting, participating in, or typical of a mutiny
10.Notorious- well known for some undesirable feature, quality, or act
11.Illustrious - extremely distinguished and deservedly famous
12.Luminous - emitting or reflecting light or enlightened and inspiring
13.Routine - something that is unvarying or boringly repetitive
14.Amiable - friendly and pleasant to be with
15.Melodious- tuneful or varied and interesting in tone
16.Dulcet - pleasant to hear, especially because of being soft or soothing
17.Relentless - never slackening, but continuing always at the same intense, demanding, or punishing level
18.Adamant - very determined and not influenced by appeals to reconsider a position or decision
19.Resolute - possessing determination and purposefulness
20.Amenable - responsive to suggestion and likely to cooperate

Challenge #15: Debbi - Start date Nov. 1 (or sooner), end date Nov. 30 - Scrap those old school pics. In other that weren't taken in the last five years. Got some 70s bell bottoms and plaid shirt pics? Scrap 'em! How about 80s neon and roller skates pics? Scrap 'em!

Bumpin' Uglies swap participants: Mel, Julie, Dee, Victoria, Debbie, Vel

Paper/goodies box swap participants: Richelle, Vel, Victoria, Mel, Julie, Dee, Amanda and Holly

New paper/goodies box order beginning May '09: Julie

7/09 - Mel's page kit swap participants: (somehow I must've deleted these...bummer)

1/1/10 - 3/31/10 Milestones DATE challenge (Julie) - Use a milestone date (like anniversary) for your lo; the date must be on the lo somewhere.

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