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1) What is your real name/what do you liked to be called? real name-Melissa
like to be called-Melissa, Mel, M (basically anything BUT Missy)

2) Where are you from? Elizabethtown, PA

3) Family? just my son and I (but have a wonderful boyfriend...we do not live together)

4) Occupation? server at a microbrewery...some call me the beer wench...LOL

5) Age? 33

6) How many hours a week do you typically spend scrapping? to do at least 2 layouts a week

7) What size LOs do you prefer/do you do? 12x12 is my preference. Have done 8x8. Would like to try a 6x12 one of these days

How would you describe your scrapping style? innovative...maybe? You guys can answer that for me

9) How long have you been scrapping? a little over a year this time around. Only did it for a few months back in the day.

10) Do you have a product or technique you’re known for? Or what do you always seem to turn to when you’re putting together a lo? I seem to always have buttons and ribbon or rick rack on my layouts

11) Do you have a favorite manufacturer or product line? Love the "love elsie" stuff....she just works for me. Love Scenic Route , too

12) Is there a technique you’d love to learn or have tried and gave up on? would love to try/learn embossing

13) Is there someone on or elsewhere whose style you love or whose LOs inspire you? lots of inspiration here...I could name names all day.

14) What do you hope to gain from being in the For Scraps Sake group? Would love to learn some new techniques/styles. Plus looking forward to the new friendships

Can't wait to get to know all of you! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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